eric puente



Eric Puente grew up in Rome, NY, and has been playing drums, in several different forms and styles, his entire life. He has been in the NY music scene, touring and recording for the past 30 years with various artists. He has played in Broadway theater and has toured the US and UK with artists such as The Slambovian Cirus of Dreams and The Voyces. He has studied with John Riley , Joe Morello , Adam Nussbaum , Mike Clark , Bob Meyer , Tony Jefferson , and Joe Cusatis .




other artists i have performed and/or shared the stage with:

Gandalf Murphy And The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams , Sloan Wainwright, Pat Wictor, KJ Denhert, Jon Sholle, Jon Burr, Jay Azzolina, The Library, Lara Herscovitch, David Massengill, Catie Curtis, Ellis Paul, Peter Calo, The Kennedys, Red Molly, Abbie Gardner (solo), Laurie MacAllister (solo), Carolann Solebello (solo), Milton, Peter Donovan, Mark Minkler, Joseph FireCrow, Peter Fish, Roland Mousaa, Marc Black, Mark Barden, Robert Hill, Fred Gillen, Jr., Steve Kirkman, Brooke Campbell, Mark Spencer, Hope Machine, Duncan Cleary, Elza, Lisa Gutkin, Bill Toms, Marci Geller, Craig Akin, Anthony da Costa, Mala Waldron, Brian Conigliaro, Two Guitars, Lucky 13, Rebecca Loebe, Matt Turk, Al Hemberger, Kelly Flint, Julia Joseph, Jeff Eyrich, The Blues Mothers, Eric Warren, Chris Barron, John Hall, Geoff Hartwell, The Voyces, Kramer, John Guth, Ben Freed, Rob Morsberger, Marion LoGuidice, David Goldman, Riverrun, Tim Robinson, Kati Mac, Tim Ouimette, Jon Cobert, Seth Glassman, My Dad's Truck, Andy Craig, Kathleen Pemble, Eddie Denise, Scott Urgola, Spuyten Duyvil, Joe Duraes, James Durst, Joe Iadanza, Susan Kane, The YaYas, Glen Roethel, Stacy Labriola, David Fagin (The Rosenbergs), Joe DeSanctis, Marc Von Em, Sander Hicks and White Collar Crime, Northern Westchester Jazz Collaborative, Squirrels From Hell, Stumbletop, Riser, BDF, My Brothers Banned, as well as countless (wonderful and amazing) session and recording projects.



Toured and played various clubs and halls throughout USA and Internationally.


NYC's Broadway Theater - Circle in the Square - "Aesop's Fables"






what iím looking for:

available to work with a band, musician, and/or producer on recordings, showcases, tours, and other live performances. also available for fill-in work on sessions and gigs.



what you get:

i am very aware of the value of time (studio, rehearsals, gigs/touring), so I pride myself on being always on time, music charts prepared, listening and commited to getting it right. what you don't get with me is drama, practicing fills while you tune your instruments, or lack of passion/creativity.


what next:
Email mp3s and schedule a session