eric puente



" Eric is professional and easy to work with, he is both friendly and is in tune with what you need for your project - his work is of a very high standard. He has the basics covered such as timing, changes and fills that suit a song, and always produces something creative and well thought-through, which works appropriately for any song. It has been a pleasure working with Eric and I would definitely recommend him for your project." " ~ Dan Pettitt


" I always knew Eric was a good drummer, but didn't realize just HOW good, until I starting playing with him on a regular basis. On the professional side, he is always prepared,puts a lot of work and thought into arrangements, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. On my own songs, his versatility has recharged the material with a new life and power I haven't experienced before. Eric always takes it to a higher plane. " ~ Robert Hill


"Eric Puente is an outstanding percussive force to be reckoned with. I always look forward to any chance I get to work along side him. He shows up prepared with lots of ideas and he puts a great amount of thought and feeling into doing what’s right for the song at hand. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again he is truly The Heartbeat of the Hudson Valley." ~ Scott Urgola


"What I love about Eric is that he is a very 'musical' drummer and he really makes it work. The pocket and the groove are there of course but how he chooses to 'color' a song, to accent it, with drums, percussion, or a mixture of both, is always interesting, spacious, and very fun to play with. He does straight and simple if that's what's needed but I especially like the atypical approach he takes to a song when it's called for. He can pull it off. I look forward to playing with you again soon, Eric." ~ Jeff Eyrich - Producer, Bassist


"Eric is one of the best drummers I've worked with. Period. Not only because of his talent in bringing what you hear in your head out into the open but also because of his ability to quickly adapt to any style you throw at him. Even more important, his lack of ego and his willingness to do whatever it takes to give you what you want, makes him a joy to work with." ~ David Fagin


"Eric brings a certain joy to the music. You're glad when he's around. You know the music is going to sit well.
He brings a great attitude, integrity, fun and respect to all musical situations."
~ Peter Calo - Guitarist and Fan


"I've had the pleasure of working with Eric in various settings, from Folk to Rock to straight ahead Jazz. He comes to the gig totally prepared, grooves hard and demonstrates complete proficiency in several genres. I look forward to working with him again." ~ Mark Barden


"Any chance I get to play music with Eric is a big win in my book. His focus and professionalism as well as good nature make gigging with him something to get excited about. " ~ Steve Chizmadia


"My biggest complement to a fellow musician is that I didn't really notice them. Eric, as usual, playing the songs and being in the moment, yet letting his personality come out when it is right. It just feels like music." ~ Steve Kirkman


"Eric Puente, besides having great feel, thinks outside the box in his approach to a song. On a recent session at my studio he recorded, juggling sticks in one hand and brushes in the other hand, at the same time, in order to do what served the song. He shows up for both recording sesions and live performances extremely prepared, yet is able to improvise and truly be in the moment." ~ Fred Gillen Jr., songwriter/ producer


"Eric Puente is truly both a drummer and a percussionist, and that’s rare. He has the sensibilities of a songwriter; listening for how his part can best serve the song. Plus, he’s an all-around good guy! We love working with him." ~ The YaYas


"Eric Puente is a great drummer to work with. He's schooled in a diverse number of styles, and comfortable playing many different types of percussion. He's a quick learner and total professional. He matches his work ethic and preparedness for gigs and rehearsals with an easy going, working-for-the-song demeanor." ~ Milton


"Eric provides thoughtful, sensitive percussion for the singer songwriter—a solid groove that at the same time anchors and buoys the music. He is always well prepared and is a pleasure to work with." ~ Susan Kane


"Eric Puente is an uncommon drummer and percussionist, the very kind I like to work with. He takes the time to learn the songs and parts, and brings a great positive energy to rehearsals and shows!" ~ Glen Roethel


“Eric is a talented, disciplined and musical drummer and a pleasure to make music with.” ~ Matt Turk

"Eric’s sense of awareness is impeccable. He’s on the spot and solid!!" ~ Joseph Firecrow

"Eric has a great ideas, keeps great time, and listens better than most drummers/percussionist I know!" ~ Marc Von Em

“Fine drummer and percussionist, a pleasure to work with.” ~ David Goldman

"Great, thoughtful, listening drummer." ~ Kathleen Pemble