Squirrels From Hell 1992 Live Demo
Squirrels From Hell 1993 Monitor
Squirrels From Hell 1993 Squirrels From Hell
Squirrels From Hell 1994 Shimmy Disc (EP) - Elevator
Squirrels From Hell 1995 Dead Giveaway
Squirrels From Hell 1998 Nutcracker Suite
Squirrels From Hell 2000 The Sound and the Furry
My Brothers Banned 2005 Come With Me
David Fagin 2006 For Promotional Use Only
The Voyces 2007 Kissing Like It's Love 
The Voyces 2008 A New Day Never Faraway 
Anthony Impenna 2008 Live Demo 
My Brothers Banned 2009 Banned Wagon 
Ollie Byrd  2009 A Place To Go
Ben Freed 2009 Banjo Ben
My Brothers Banned 2009 For You (EP)
Scott Urgola  2010 Now's The Time
Fred Gillen, Jr. 2010 Match Against A New Moon
The Ya Yas 2010 Paper Boats
Joe Duraes 2010 Joe Duraes
Backwoods Jupiter 2011 Backwoods Jupiter presents Bob Dylan's Desire
Scott and Rachel Urgola 2011 Something To Believe In
Honor Finnegan 2012 Tiny Life
Julie Corbalis 2012 Julie Corbalis
Fred Gillen, Jr. 2012 Silence Of The Night
Eve Steier 2012 Eve Steier
Deuce's Child 2013 Baby Steps
Steve Chizmadia 2013 Jack Of All Trades
Dan Pelletier 2013 My Freakin' Heart
The Yayas 2013 Happy Now
The Grand Slambovians 2013 Folk!
Don Lowe 2013 Out Here
The Grand Slambovians 2014 Box Of Everything
Mimi Sun Longo 2014 You Wouldn't Fool Me Would You
Judy Kass 2014 Better Things
Kenny Fame 2014 Beautiful Face
Steve Kirkman 2014 Big Orange Sessions
The Grand Slambovians 2014 Every Little Light
Johnny Hoppe 2015 Lay Down
The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams 2015 Folk 2!
Robert Hill 2015 Have Slide Will Travel
Dan Pettitt 2015 The Crash
Frank Migliorelli 2015 City Eastern Serenade
Honor Finnegan 2016 Roses and Victory
Julie Corbalis 2016 What's Up With This Heart?
Linda Draper 2016 Modern Day Decay
Dan Pettit 2017 Dan Pettit
Frank Migliorelli 2017 Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organs
Paul Byrne  2018  Home To You 
Dan Pettit 2018 Dirt and Dust
Miles and Mafale  2019  Miles and Mafale 
Sharon Goldman 2019 Every Trip Around The Sun
Mario Giacalone 2019 Mario Giacalone